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  • H. G. Watts

On the Trail of Brother Jacoba

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Whether you call her Iacopa de' Settesoli, Jacoba Frangipane, Giacoma di Normanni, or Fra Jacqueline, Lady Jacoba of the Seven Suns was a remarkable 13th Century woman whose remains share the crypt of St. Francis of Assisi. Unfortunately, few verifiable facts are available about her life and her relationship with the well-known Saint. I believe Jacoba was very important to Francis and the development of the Franciscan movement. My novel imagines how a deep relationship between the wealthy aristocrat and the "Poverello" may have developed. On this blog I'll share photos of some of the places that have been directly or indirectly linked to her.

Street sign near San Francesco a Ripa in Rome


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