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  • H. G. Watts

Roman Remnant of Jacoba

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

By the time Jacoba was born, Rome's Circus Maximus had long been an area for growing vineyards & vegetables. A trench or canal of sorts had been dug a century before to divert water to the area from the Tiber River. The Tower Moletta was probably built in ancient times as part of Roman fortifications.

The family of Jacoba's husband acquired the Tower Moletta in the Middle Ages and probably incorporated it into their defense system. When Jacoba was alive, there was a grain mill located at the foot of the tower. The mill is mentioned in Chapter XIV of my book. (Photo from 2016)

Thanks to the work of archaeologists and historians at the Circus Maximus, you can now visit the tower and other structures that are nearby. (2018 photo)

You can even take the tower's new stairway to its top!

This rendering shows what the area looked like prior to World War II.

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