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    Jacoba of the Seven Suns was a wealthy, beautiful Italian aristocrat living in the Middle Ages.  In her early teens she joined Rome's most powerful family after wedding a man nearly twice her age.  When he dies prematurely, the young widow takes charge of his palaces and knights as well as raises their children. 

    She also maintains a lifelong relationship with St. Francis - the reformed playboy who avoided women and considered them "honeyed poison." 

    Why then was Jacoba the only woman he called to his deathbed?  More puzzling, why do her remains share his crypt in Assisi?  This is the love story that was never told. 

    Steeped in medieval history, BLOOD OF THE SEVEN SUNS by H. G. Watts explores how an extraordinarily close relationship may have developed between the rich, powerful aristocrat and the future saint.  It also provides in-depth insight into the often violent and always fascinating medieval period in Europe.


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